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If you have a conference where you will have Limited- or Non-English Speakers in attendance or as guest presenters, Bilingual Citizen will be glad to coordinate the interpretation and translation services for you.  This will include providing highly qualified conference interpreters, interpretation booths, equipment, and headsets for the audience.



yvette-citizen-chopra-stageWhat is simultaneous interpretation?
Simultaneous interpretation is the most common mode of interpretation used in conference settings.   In this mode of interpretation, a team of two interpreters (usually in a booth) orally translates the presentations while the audience listens through headsets.

What is consecutive interpretation?
Consecutive interpretation is typically used in small meetings, legal depositions, interviews and other encounters involving a relatively small number of people.  In this mode the interpreter waits until a speaker has finished an utterance, then proceeds to interpret.  The speaker waits for the interpreter to finish rendering the interpretation before proceeding.  This is common in a question-and-answer setting, such as on the witness stand in a courtroom, where the dialogue goes back and forth between languages.



You are an exemplary colleague whom I hope to turn to as a resource not only in skill development, but also your years of experience in the field and various settings in which you have practiced. I'm glad you're not only actively working in the field, but also educating those of us who follow.

~Larry H.









Interpretation & Translation Services

Our recent experiences have included:

High profile criminal trials • Medical conferences • Training courses for refugee interpreters • Implementing interpreter training as part of high school Spanish classes • Training & testing for medical interpreters in hospital settings in bilingual communities



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