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Bilingual Citizen provides Federally Certified and highly qualified court interpreters with extensive training and experience in and out of the courtroom. Our experience includes trial interpreting in high profile criminal cases, legal depositions, extradition cases, civil suits, immigration hearings, along with a wide variety of other legal proceedings.  

In order to provide the type of precise interpretation required in a legal setting, a court interpreter must have a superior command of both languages and an extensive vocabulary to be able to successfully interpret the wide range of registers used in legal venues. The court interpreter must be able to handle highly technical legalese, the speech of well-educated attorneys, judges, and expert witnesses, as well as the low register and slang used by many witnesses in both languages, sometimes while interpreting rates of speech of close to 200 words per minute.



“Yvette Citizen has been an integral part of the National Center for Interpretation (NCI) interpreter training and testing team for over 14 years. In addition to her work in developing and assessing a wide array of material for NCI's interpreter testing and training programs, Yvette teaches numerous workshops for the NCI throughout the United States in Medical, Legal, and Business Interpreting and Translation and is a core faculty member of the renowned Agnese Haury Court Interpreter Training Institute. She also regularly assists NCI by providing professional testing services as well as simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for international conferences and university events. On a consistent basis, students and workshop participants give her the highest evaluations regarding her mastery of language and interpreting skills, her enthusiasm, and her accessible teaching style. Yvette is a consummate, skilled professional, and the National Center for Interpretation looks forward to continuing working with her in the future.

~The University of Arizona, National Center
for Interpretation Testing, Research & Policy









Interpretation & Translation Services

Our recent experiences have included:

High profile criminal trials • Medical conferences • Training courses for refugee interpreters • Implementing interpreter training as part of high school Spanish classes • Training & testing for medical interpreters in hospital settings in bilingual communities



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