medical-interpretation-and-translation-bilingual-citizenInterpreters in the healthcare setting must also have a superior command of their working languages and an extensive knowledge of medical terminology relating to anatomy, physiology, and pathology as well as terminology used in folk medicine. The medical interpreter must also be well versed in cultural factors relating to health because there are so many cultural attitudes and beliefs associated with health and medicine.

Bilingual Citizen makes sure you are provided with highly trained and qualified medical interpreters, whether it is for doctor-patient interviews, technical medical conferences, healthcare conventions, or any type of medical encounter.    

How can we help you train and identify the skill levels of your healthcare Interpreters?
We have been administering training seminars since 2003 that will increase the medical interpreting proficiency of your current staff, as well as identify different skill levels and provide concrete solutions to for those interpreters who wish to increase their competency.

Areas we have experience with interpretation and translation, include:
•    Critical care
•    Routine care
•    Major Diseases
•    Anatomy and Physiology



I wanted to take a moment to thank and commend you for last weekend’s excellent and enjoyable presentation/training during the Advanced Interpreting Skill Building Workshop.  I sure got my money’s worth! With the current economy, I hesitated spending the money and the time this seminar required. But I am rather pleased with my decision. This weekend provided me (and my peers) with essential information, tremendous resources and--best of all--a plan of action to prepare for the Federal Court Interpreter Certification test. The latter once seemed like a daunting task, but now has become an attainable goal. I’d like to thank you for the work you are doing. It is a noble job indeed, providing interpreters with the necessary tools to do our job, as we must.

~Anna S., State Court Interpreter
Advanced Skill Building Workshop
Phoenix, AZ









Interpretation & Translation Services

Our recent experiences have included:

High profile criminal trials • Medical conferences • Training courses for refugee interpreters • Implementing interpreter training as part of high school Spanish classes • Training & testing for medical interpreters in hospital settings in bilingual communities



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